Service Agreement

Bike Service and Repairs Agreement

1. Scope of Services: Social Cycles (Service Provider) will perform the requested services and repairs on the Customer's bicycle (the "Bicycle").

2. Authorization and Payment: The Customer authorizes Service Provider to perform the agreed-upon services and repairs on the Bicycle. The Customer agrees to make payment upon completion of the work.

3. Limitation of Liability: The Service Provider is not responsible for loss, damage, or delays caused by events beyond their control.

4. Testing and Inspection: The Customer grants permission to the Service Provider to test and inspect the Bicycle.

5. Mechanic's Lien: The Service Provider acknowledges a mechanic's lien on the Bicycle until payment is made in full.

6. Bike Collection: Customers must collect their Bicycle within three days after completion. A $5/day storage fee may apply for uncollected Bicycles. If payment remains outstanding for 30 days, the Service Provider may sell the Bicycle to recover the amount owed, with any proceeds minus outstanding fees returned to the Customer.

The Customer acknowledges understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions.