Warranty Info

Complete Bicycle: The complete bicycle is warranted for one year (from date of purchase), including all original parts on the bicycle except tires, tubes, chains and other wear & tear items. Paint and decals are covered under this warranty.

This warranty period starts from the date of original retail purchase, and is valid only in North America. For warranty periods in other countries, please contact the distributor in your country. The warranty is only valid if the bicycle is purchased from, and assembled by, an authorized dealer.

Warranty Limitations: This warranty does NOT cover suspension forks, and rear shocks on full suspension bikes. These items are covered by the suspension component manufacturer’s warranty. Please contact the suspension component manufacturer for any warranty needs.

This warranty is only offered to the original retail purchaser of the product, and is not transferable to a subsequent purchaser. 

Warranty Limitations for Electronics

This warranty does not cover:

Normal wear and tear
Accidental damage
Liquid damage
Damage caused by power surges
Damage caused by unauthorized repairs or modifications
Damage caused by commercial use
Please contact the manufacturer for any warranty needs.