Pedal & Dip!  Ebike ride & beach excursion.


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Pedal & Dip!  Ebike ride and beach excursion. 

Experience the thrill of a ride on an electric bike as you become one with local history & nature.    You will take an e-bike ride from the UNESCO World Heritage site of St. George’s to Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve for a swim.    

Your tour will begin with an orientation & safety briefing by your guide and then off you go from St. George’s on your e-bike.  The e-bike will infuse fun into your ride as it is an electric-enhanced bicycle that will boost your pedal power, making for an effortless ride. 

After leisurely pedaling for a while you will reach St. David’s and then to Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve.   Prior to becoming a nature reserve, Cooper’s Island was once occupied by the U.S. military and later used as a NASA space tracking station, this serene 12-acre reserve is now protected public land that possesses unmatched beauty.  Within Cooper’s island, you will take a break at the Clearwater Beach for a swim or relaxing by the seaside.   Your scenic 1.5-hour excursion will end with an easy paced ride back to St.George’s.


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