LC EBIKES Step Thur Fat Bike Fold 48V/500 WATT BLACK 2023

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LC Fold will take you thought the trail, to the office, golf course, and still do the shopping all while giving you exercise.

With its revolutionary aluminum alloy lightweight step-through frame the SC 1 will take you anywhere in style. The frame folds in half, and the handlebar folds down for easy storage. Equipped with the 'made for fat bike' Bafang geared brushless hub motor, this SC1 fat bike is extremely powerful and agile. Power comes from the Samsung 48V 13Ah battery to provide up to 60 km per charge. 5 Levels of power-assists & any time on-demand throttle, and can fit into a standard car trunk or RV. What are you waiting for let the adventure begin.

Goods Protection Period (GPP)/ Warranty*

When you purchase a Goods Protection Period (GPP) for your SC 1 E-bike your electric bike is covered for when the inevitable happens.

This GPP pertains to any of the essential electric bicycle components that are found defective; provided that the product was used in a standard and controlled manner and that it was maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions manual. Essential components covered are the electric motor, wiring, battery, display console, throttle and controller and brake adjustments. Replacement brake pads & labor for the essential components is not covered.

If a defective part is found during the GPP and the customer notifies us immediately, the seller will repair or replace the part based on his sole discretion. This GPP will be void if any repair or change is performed by any third party aside from Social Cycles or the e-bike is sold.

Also, warranty claims are prevented when the goods are damaged by:

    • Excessive environmental impacts (humidity, water, heat, over-voltage, dust etc.)
    • Failure to comply with any safety precautions,
    • Failure to observe the operating manual and/or recommended maintenance intervals,
    • Use of force (e.g. hit, impact, fall),
    • Arbitrary repair attempts without our prior written consent or by third parties not authorized for the service or if the e-bike is used for commercial purposes improper or inappropriate treatment (e.g. operating faults, mechanical damage, incorrect operating voltage, faulty storage, improper connection or faulty installation),
    • Exchanged or replaced articles or parts will become our property.

The seller is not responsible for any possible damage including bodily harm and damage to property. The warranty does not apply if any part of the product is damaged as a result of negligence, an accident, or inadequate maintenance. As mentioned above this warranty does not apply to the tire, spokes, brakes, rims, and other mechanical components of the bicycle.


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