Mini Bus / Taxi - Wireless UHF Microphone Headset MIC 10 Channel Rechargeable with 3.5mm Plug Receiver Black Mini Bus PA Systems

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  • DSP Chip Installed, Improves Audio Quality - This TONOR Microphone comes with a preinstalled DSP Chip inside that enhances and beautifies sound quality. The receiver has a bluetooth function and can be connected to a mobile phone to play music. (Note: The product does not include a Voice Amplifier)
  • Built-in batteries for Headset and Receiver - The wireless headset and receiver are fitted with built-in rechargeable Li-ion batteries with long battery life. A full charge gives 3-3.5 hours for the receiver and 3-3.5 hours for the wireless mic. Both of them require 1.5-2 hours of charging time.
  • Mode Options on the Microphone - The right side of the TONOR Microphone has a MODE button that can switch between 3 cool options. A Normal mode - gives you clear, original sound, a Echo mode - takes you off to a live performance with cool lively ambience and sound quality, and a Enhancement mode (lobby) - that focuses on increased volume and clarity. Different modes for adapting to different needs.
  • Comfortable Design, Suits Every Occasion - The TONOR Microphone headset is built with a humanized comfortable design that fits around your head and on top of your ears perfectly. It is curved and built for a steady and stable fit. The microphone is suitable for every one - like tour guides, teachers, fitness instructors, stage performers, trainers, presenters and churches.
  • What You Get - This TONOR Microphone comes in a full kit that includes 1 x Microphone, 1 x Receiver, 2 x Charging Cables, 1 x 3.5 to 6.5mm 
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